Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild New Casino Bonus

New Amazing Casino Bonus

Spin Palace Casino are just announced a fantastic new player bonus!

Coming off the successful free Spins Bonus, Spin Palace has once again stirred things up and launched a totally new twist on their $1000 free welcome bonus.

The bonus is broken down into 5 stages:

- Deposit 1 - 100% bonus match up to $150 free.
- Deposit 2 - 25% bonus match up to $125 free.
- Deposit 3 - 50% bonus match up to $100 free.
- Sunday Special over 52 weeks

– 100 Free Spins at Tomb Raider –Secret of the Sword, every week- $520 free over 52 weeks.

- Anniversary bonus- 100% Bonus match up to $105 free.

Online Slot

Friday, June 20, 2008

Classic Slots Craze

Classic Slots Mania
I decided to record a complete session of online casino play yesterday where i went for a few spins on classic slot machines at the Casino Rewards online casino, - Casino Kingdom that offer a 100% match bonus of $77 to new players.

Visit Casino Kingdom and take advantage of the 100% match bonus.

Casino Kingdom is one of the online casinos i play at the most, this could have been any of the casinos in the casino rewards group because they all offer the same impressive bonuses to new and existing casino players as well as an arsenal of games like few other casinos.

I started with a $125 balance at Casino Kingdom and really just felt like having a good time and try out some games that i don't play very often.

I normally end my casino session when i hit a 20% profit, but i planned in advance that this was a more casual casino session where i wanted to win big compared to my "casino farm play" ( more than 100% profit ) or loose my deposit trying.

I started out by playing a video slot machine called Porky Payout, at first, i only wanted to play classic 3 reel slot machines, but then i recalled that i never ( in all my years of online casino gamblin ) managed to trigger the bonus feature in this slot machine.

Play Porky Payout at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

I had some really lucky spins ( click here to see the videos of the 100 porky payout slot machine spins ) and managed to trigger the bonus feature several times just as i hit a nice 5 symbol combination worth $50.

I managed to hit a decent profit on the Porky Payout slot machine but lost most of it because i felt like doing 100 spins instead of just quitting while i was "ahead".

With the Porky Payout slot machine bonus feature on video ( something i have been wnting for quite some time but never really prioritized enough to get ) i went for some of the great classic 3 reel slot machines that i havent played for several months.

Play Classic Slot Machines at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

I reached the Classic slot machines with a balance f $144.10.

The first slot machine on my journey was High 5.
Like most of the other classic slot machines without nudge options and bonus features it is a really good place for new casino players to start.

The fact that it only has one payline make it extremely easy to understand and use, - but as you can see it doesnt make it any less interesting in terms of prize options.

I end up hitting 3 x Double Bar symbols resulting in a $30 win after 20 spins and decide to check out one of the other classic slot machines, - Frost Bite.

I set up the slot machine auto-play like i normally do when i go for casual casino hours so the slot machine stops my balance increase by $25 or a single win of $10 or more lands.

After just 11 spins on the Frost Bite slot machine, i was lucky enough to get the Frost Bite wild symbol as the first symbol followed by two bars resulting in a $20 win.

Play Frostbite at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

After less than a minute with the Frost Bite slots, i continue with a $169.10 balance to the Crazy Crocodile slot machine.

Crazy Crocodile is another good starter slots with a single payline and very decent payout options.

I went with the default slot machine setup with a 3 coin wager but decreased the coin size to $0.50 because i felt more comfortable wagering $1.50 per spin with my current casino balance of $169.10.

Once again, i am lucky enough to land a decent win within the first minute with 3 single bar symbols resulting in a $15 payout.

Play Crazy Crocodile at Casino Kingdom with a 100% bonus.
I jump to the next classic slot machine on the list, Bar Bar Black Sheep with a $173.60 balance.

I setup the Bar Bar Black Sheep slots as the others betting 3 coins worth $0.50 each per spin.

The game spins like crazy without any wins worth more than a few bucks 100 times ending the autoplay as i set it up.

My casino balance is down to $104.60, but i decide to keep the coin size as it is instead of increasing the value right now.

I restart the autoplay with another 100 spins and the same slot machine setup but with no more luck than the first 100 rounds.

I have been gambling long enough to know that nothing is over untill the last coin has been wagered, but still find it somewhat sad that the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot machine ate most of my casino balance during 200 spins.

I restart the auto-play, for the final round this time with a $49.10 starting balance.

Finally, after 23 rounds ( 223 rounds in total ) luck strikes when a Tripple Bar and Black Sheep ( Wild Multiplier ) combination lands and bring a $135 prize with it.

Play Bar Bar Black Sheep at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
With my casino balance up to $188.60, i decide that the black sheep did its job increasing my balance and continue to one of my favorite classic slot machines, - Bulls Eye.

Bulls Eye is a little different from the other classic slot machines i played during this session because it has a bonus feature.

The Bullseye bonus feature is triggered with the bonus symbol appears on the theird reel, - and on the slot machine payline.

The Bullseye slot machine has a fixed coins size of $1.00 with options to play 1, 2 or 3 coins per game.
It is important to note that the bonus feature is enabled ONLY when you play 3 coins per spin.

After 38 spins the Bullseye bonus symbol lands right where i want it and trigger the quite interesting bonus feature.

The bonus feature is a common-style wheel of fortune with values ranging from 20 to 1000.

The wheel lands on 200 for me, resulting in a casino balance of 307.60, and a goodbye to the bullseye slot machine for now.

Play Bullseye at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
Happy with my more than doubled casino balance, i go for a few spins on the Couch Potato slot machine that have granted my several impressive wins in the past.

After a quick auto-play setup, the Couch Potato slots start to spin and stops almost as fast as it started.

With just 3 spins, a lucky spin with the Couch Potato wild symbol and two random bar symbols appear.

This low-end combination results in a $37.50 win because the wild symbol 5 doubles all prizes where it acts as a substituting wild symbol.

Play Couch Potato at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
While i was tempted to continue on the Couch Potato slot machine, i felt it was time for some progressive spins.

To be honest, the progressive slot machines ( except Mega Moolah, Tunzamunni and King Cashalot ) regularly eat decent parts of my casino profits. I mostly play these games when i am in profit allready and feel like risking some of my "hard earned cash" on a progressive jackpot.

With my balance at $340.60, I launch the Wowpot classic slot machine that has a fixed coins size of $0.50 and a cost per spin of $1.50 if you want a chance to win the progressive prize.

After 11 spins on the Wowpot progressive slot machine, a combination with Tripple Bar symbols and the Wowpot wild symbol ( that double all wins where it substitutes ) land resulting in a nice $60 slot machine win.

Play WowPot at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
With 55 seconds of WowPot ( with most of the time spent on the auto-play setup ), i take my increased casino balance of $390.10 to the S.W.A.T. Team slot machine where i enjoy several nice spins and stop with a $402.10 balance after 65 rounds wth various wins.

Play S.W.A.T. Team at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
Feeling confident, i jump to the next classic slot machine with a progressive prize: Fruit Fiesta.

The Fruit Fiesta slot machine was not in a generous mood this evening, so after 510 spins at $0.75 each, i decided to find some greener grass and took my $332.10 casino balance to another slot machine.

I was in the mood for some "action" and stumbled over the Samurai 7s slot machine name in the list of classic 3 reel slot machines with three paylines.

While i wasnt aiming for a "quickie" when i started this slot machine, it ended up as one with a $27.50 win on the very first spin.

Play Samurai 7s at Casino Kingdom with a 100% bonus.
Happy with my new casino balance of $358.10 i went for some mystery with the Spellbound slot machine.

After 9 spins with a $1.50 wager, two paylines triggered resulting in a total win of $27.50 for the 9th spin.

Play SpellBound at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
I seamed to have luck with "fast" wins this evening and felt that the Rapid Reels slot machine had to fit into this category.

After a quick setup on this 3 reel slot machine with 5 payline i set it loose with a $2.50 cost per spin.

My auto-play stopped after 10 spins when a $10 prize was won, and for some reason i decided to stop here.

Play Rapid Reels at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

I continued to one of the more recent additions in terms of 3 reel slot machines, Happy New Year.

Allthough New Year is quite a distance away, i was hoping for some fireworks anyway and that was just what i got.

With a $5.00 cost per spin, the Happy New Year slot machine is one of the few machines i drop by very rarely.
This is because i play on a gambling budget with a system that require a given amount of "room" in the casino balance compared to the cost per spin on the slot machines.

I generally play with a casino balance that is 100-200 times greater than the cost per spin, and prefer to keep my deposits below $500.

Anyway, the Happy New Year slot machine really showed me that statistics and systems can be completely useless when luck knocks on your door.

After just 3 spins, a $80 combination landed on the game reels resulting in a $90 win Vs. $15 wagered result for this slot machine session.

Play Happy New Year at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

With my casino balance back up i went for the next progressive slot machine, - LotsaLoot.

This progressive slots has a $0.50 fixed coin size, and require that you play 5 coins to enable the progressive prize.

I managed to see the reels spin two times before a $40 win combination landed, - not the progressive jackpot i dreamed about but more than enough to keep me happy.

Play LotsaLoot at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
With my balance closing in on $500 ( a somewhat magic number that i like to stop at ) i went to play a slot machine called Rings and Roses.

The way things had been going, i figured i would end the evening with a few spins in the sign of romance.

I ended up playing 200 spins on the Rings and Roses slot machine with few signs of anything interesting and decided to move on to something else.

Play Rings and Roses at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.

With a casino balance now down to $379.10 i went to one of my favorite 3 reel slot machines Break Da Bank hoping it would reward me once again.

I was incredibly lucky and managed to hit a $160 prize on the 5th spin but decided to let the machine run for 10 spins "just in case".

Play Break Da Bank at Casino Kingdom with a $77 bonus.
I ended the evening with a $504.10 casino balance, - a $379.10 win for the evening ;)
View more information about these slot machines and see better quality videos at the Secret Slots Club

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Casino Bonus Section

The Secret Casino Club website has been updated with a bran new casino bonus section that offer a navigation that allow casino players to find the bonus offers they want much faster.

Each of the three casino bonus pages; Free Play - No Deposit Bonus and Match Bonus new show easy menus at the top of the pages as shown below:

Free Play menu example:
$1,000 $750 $500 $400 $300

The new casino bonus menu allow players to find free play casino offers based on the free play bonus amount.

Simply click on the free play amount ( that is shown in USD $ but is available in Euro €, Pound £ and CA$ as well )

No Deposit menu example:
$10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $50.00 $65.00

The menu found in the No Deposit Bonus section offer links to online casino lists based on the no deposit bonus amounts.

If, for instance you want to try an online casino with a $50 no deposit bonus, all you need to do, is to click on the $50.00 link to view the entire list of online casinos with this offer.

Match Bonus menu example:
150% 200% 300% 400% 700% 1000%

The match bonus ( welcome bonus ) menu is designed based on the match bonus percentage. This means that the menu allow casino players to find online casinos based on the match percentage they are looking for.

If you want to find online casinos that offer a welcome bonus double of what you deposit, click on the 200% menu link to see the list of online casinos that offer a 200% match bonus.