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Love Struck with Love Potion

Love Potion - Love Struck

New Love Potion Slot MachineThe second bonus feature players can enjoy with the Love Potion slot machine game is called Love Struck. The love Struck feature is awarded when two or more Love Potion symbols appear on the game reels from left to right.

Note that only 2 symbols are required to win the bonus game, - but they must appear in order starting from the 1st slot machine reel.
Bonus prizes scale with the amount of triggering symbols!

Play Thunderstruck 2

On a maximum bet of 45.00, a player who is lucky in love and gambling can reap rich rewards: up to 12 500.00 in the base game, a massive 62 500.00 on the generous Free Spins and 4 500.00 on the bonus.

Celebrate Valentines Day with your own bouquet of love and romance on Love Potion, now available at Jackpot City Online Casino

- Jackpot City

Love Potion Scatter Bonus
When the Love Potion Love Struck online casino slot machines bonus game start, players must select Gentlemen from a line on the screen. The amount of triggering bonus symbols determine the amount of Gentlemen players will be able to select.

Each of the shown gentlemen will hand you a cash prize upon selection.

Lucky selections in the Love Struck slot machine bonus game can result in up to 4,500.00 coins in bonus cash prizes!

Love Potion PaylinesIf you have read this far, and want to try the Love Potion slot machine game for yourself, be sure to check out the free and bonus options below.

If you are confident enough about wagering real money, be sure to head on over to River Belle casino that offer a double-up on your initial casino deposit.

If you want to try the games for fun, the 1,000 Free play promotion at Lucky Nugget is a great place to start!

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WILDSTORM - Thunderstruck 2 Crazy Bonus

WILDSTORM - Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 WinIf you were impressed with the 4 free spin bonus features that can be enjoyed thru The Great Hall of Spins with Thunderstruck 2 - then just wait till you read about the insane randomly trigered WILDSTORM feature.

If at any point during the normal Thunderstruck 2 slot machine spins you feel that the reels are taking too long to stop, - then cross your fingers while the WILDSTORM is heading your way.

With no symbol combinations required at all, the WILDSTORM will appear completely random and change 1, 2, 3, 4 or even all 5 of the slot machine reels into wild substituting symbols.

The Thunderstruck 2 slot machine WILDSTORM feature is where you can win the most prizes easiest because of the insane amount of wild symbols that appear out of nowhere.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusThe reels changed seam as random as when the WILDSTORM feature start.

You could have just the last, middle or first reel turn wild just as you could have split reels (like 1 & 3 shown in the screenshot).

With up to 243 prizes to be won, and anywhere from 3 to 15 extra wild symbols the WILDSTORM slot machine feature is really impressive!

Play Thunderstruck 2

The gods of Thunderstruck II go even further in offering the player new features, such as the randomly triggered WildStorm award with its held Wild reels, and the introduction of a Player Achievements structure.

The achievements concept is a new feature for online slots, empowering players to achieve gold status by winning the range of payouts of each symbol.

This is reflected in the paytable; as players unlock each symbol their paytables will begin to turn gold, keeping track of winnings and striving for a full Gold paytable.

The Grand achievement is the unlocking of all the God’s Features and reaching the 20th trigger of the bonus, where you will obtain Gold Status in the Great Hall of Spins.
- Lucky Nugget Casino

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Free Love Potion Spins

Love Potion - Free Spins

Love Potion Scatter Bonus
One of the nice things about a game such as the 9 payline Love Potion slot machine, is that it is designed to be as easy and enjoyable as possible for both new and experienced players.

The Love Potion free games bonus game is setup to start with the most classic and used trigger, - when three scatter symbols appear on the slot machine game reels.

New Love Potion Slot MachineAs with most other video slots games, players are first rewarded with a scatter bonus prize, an amount that is multiplied by the total slot machine bet based on the number of scatter symbols on the screen.

Once the extra bucks have been added to the players casino balance, the free games feature start on its own.

Players win 10 free spins with all prizes multiplied by 5, - that 500% payouts in 10 rounds at no cost!

Play Thunderstruck 2

Appropriately, the delicate ruby Love Potion vial is Wild, enabling the player to build winning combinations by substituting for other symbols across the reels.

There are a variety of other ways to score in Love Potion, too, including Scatters that give access to up to 10 retriggering Free Spins in which 5x Multipliers are awarded; a sliding scale of multipliers that can go as high as 100x; a Love Struck Bonus that awards even more multipliers along with prize picks, and a Gamble feature where the player can double or quadruple winnings by correctly predicting the color and suit of the next card.

- Lucky Nugget Casino

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Thunderstruck 2 - Great Hall of Spins

Thunderstruck 2 - Free Spins

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter Bonus
When it comes to slot machines with free spin bonus features, Thunderstruck 2 is without doubt the slots game with most player and prize options.

The Thunderstruck 2 free spin bonus games are designed as a prorgessive journey where new features are unlocked along the way so that players can select from new and unique free spin games all the time.

The Thunderstruck 2 free spin feature is started when 3, 4 or 5 bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels after a spin.

As with most similar slot machine games, a scatter bonus prize is paid that scale with the amount of scatter symbols from a single time the total slot machine bet with two scatter symbols and up to 200 times the total slot machine bet with 5 scatter bonus symbols.

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusThe first time players trigger the Hall of Spins bonus by landing three or more scatter bonus symbols, a free spin option screen is shown similar to the one in the screenshot to the right.

Players only have the option to select the VALKYRIE free spin bonus game that result in 10 free spins with all prizes multiplied by 5.

Thats 10 free games with 500% wins, - something that can result in insane prizes as you will see below.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusAt first, i was somewhat dissapointed with the Valkyrie free spin bonus feature. 10 free spins really isnt that impressive, but 500% wins sounded really nice. With a slot machien game that has no paylines at all, prizes seam to come much easier and as such a 500% prize boost for 10 games could be really nice.

I started the bonus feature without expecting much, but when one of the first spins landed like this, - you can imagine my excitement!

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusWith 4 wild symbols from left to right, the Thunderstruck 2 gold coins just kept showering over me for a very long time while the BIG WIN counter slowly but steadily increased from a few bucks to a whopping 2.400, - now that is what i call a free spin worth talking about!

4 wild symbols from left to right is somewhat crazy, but if you look closely at the Thunderstruck 2 free spin screenshot you will notice that all the other symbols are low payout symbols.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusI won close to 2500 with low payout symbols thanks to the VALKYRIE bonus and the wilds, a prize that can increase to much more than that with the more interesting symbols!

The Thunderstruck 2 VALKYRIE free spin bonus feature resulted in a total win of 195350 coins or 3907 bucks in more useable figures.

With an average win of 390 bucks per spin, i must admit that the VALKYRIE bonus game truly impressed me.

Play Thunderstruck 2

Based on the innovative 5 reel, 243 ways to win concept, and backed by awesome digital sound effects, this truly big video slot offers the player a range of benefits that includes Wilds and Expanding Wilds, four different Bonuses, Scatter action, 4 different Free Spins rewards, Multipliers ranging from 2x to 6x and absorbing free games.

In short, hours of entertaining gaming with the real possibility of great rewards.

All the mystical Nordic gods are present in Thunderstruck II, depicted in high quality, full colour graphics along with theme-setting symbols like long ships, kings and Asgard, a rainbow city from the great Nordic sagas.

3 or more of Thor’s hammer landing anywhere on the reels, awards entry into the Great Hall of Spins. Each entry to this feature brings the player closer to unlocking the chambers of the other gods, who wield greater features and rewards. The more bonuses you win...the more bonuses you can win!

- The Gaming Club

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusEach time you trigger the Hall of Spins bonus with the Thunderstruck 2 online casino slot machine, the bonus indicator above the free spin options light up one additional field.

After a few more VALKYRIE bonus features, the LOKI free spins are unlocked giving the player the choice between the two features.
The LOKI free spin bonus game offer 15 free spins with no winning multipliers but with a wild magic feature.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusThe wild magic bonus that can be enjoyed with the LOKI free spin games is a randomly awarded extra wild feature that generally trigger a few times during each bonus game.

When the slot machine reels stop spinning, players may note a magical green energy object appear that transform into a wild symbol.

Players can see several extra wild symbols this way, it is not restricted to a single wild symbol.

The best thing about the LOKI bonus feature is that winning is made much easier. The extra wild symbols are added before prizes are calculated making it possible to win much more!

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusThe Thunderstruck 2 slots game bonus feature - The Great Hall of Spins is designed really smart. Players can select their favorite unlocked feature and still progress and unlock new features in the process.

This means that you can select to keep playing the VALKYIRE free spins even thouh the LOKI spins are available (should you prefer that) and still unlock the ODIN free spin game after a few bonus games.
The ODIN free spin bonus offer 20 free games with a wild raven feature.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusThe ODIN wild raven feature is much more impressive than the LOKI feature, - it will add 1 or 2 wild symbols with 2, 3 or 6x multipliers to any free spin with a winning combination.

Each time the reels stop, and a prize is paid, one or both of the Ravens fly to a random position and change that symbol into a wild with either a 2X or 3X winning multiplier.

A 6X multiplier is awarded if both Ravens land on the game reel and add two extra wild symbols!

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusThe last of the four unlockable free spin bonus games that make up the Thunderstruck 2 Great Hall of Spins is the THOR feature that i personally looked very much forward to playing.

Players win 25 free spins with the unique Rolling Reels free spin type that most experienced gamblers know from the extremely popular Tomb Raider 2 - Secrets of the Sword slots game.
The THOR free spin bonus feature offer from 1X to 5x winning multipliers and can continue for ever.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusIf you havent had a chance to play free spin bonus games with Rolling Reels before, - then be sure to read this section thru!

The rolling reels bonus basically mean that all symbols that result in a win are replaced with new ones untill the spin result in no wins.
Each time this happens, the prize amounts increase up to a maximum of 5%.
Please check out the rolling Reels screenshot from the Thunderstruck 2 THOR feature to the right.

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin Bonus
The spin had 5 Q symbols from left to right, - these symbols result in a payout and are then removed from the slot machine reels with nice animations and sounds.

The symbols explode from left to right in order while the current wins are summarized creating empty spaces on the slot machine reels.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusAny symbol above an empty space on a slot machine reel now drop down making room for brand new symbols at the top of the slot machine reels.

These empty spaces are filled with new random symbols while the multiplier indicater at the top change to 2X because this is the second part of this spin, - the second time symbols are added to the reels in a single spin.
Just as before, a winning combination appear, this time with 4 K symbols (twice).

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusOnce again, all symbols that were pat of a winning combinations explode, - from left to right in a blue magical animations while prizes are summarized and spaces for new symbols are created.

Since the Thunderstruck 2 slot machine use the Ways Pays system and dont use paylines, some really impressive prizes can be won this way.
For example, the two K symbols on the second reel both explode making room for two new symbols, - and prize options!

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusThe Rolling Reels free spin system continue to cycle this way from the very first spin and untill no prizes are won.

This time, the multiplier indicator light in the 3X field to show that all prizes won now are paid out 300%.

This time, the maximum combination length is 3, - but since both the 2nd and 3rd reel have two A symbols and prizes are paid out 300% - it isnt half bad at all!

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusThe five A symbols on the first three reels explode once more making room for 5 new symbols that can result in new payout combinations.

All of the Thunderstruck 2 symbols can appear during the Rolling Reels feature including the wild substituting symbol and the Scatter Bonus symbol.
One of the things worth noting with the Rolling Reels bonus feature is that strange payouts that wouldnt appear during normal spins are more than likely to show .

The combinations above, with two A symbols and both the 2nd and 3rd reel are good examples of this. Because new random symbols are added after each win, the symbols can stack in odd numbers and places, - and suddently result in rather crazy prizes if released as a payout.

Thunderstruck 2 Scatter BonusThe next batch of symbols that were added during the Thunderstruck 2 - THOR free spin bonus feature was a Q symbol on the first reel and an K and A on both the 2nd and 3rd reels.

The winning multiplier indicator changed to 4X closing in on the maximum multiplier available with the THOR free spins with rolling reels feature.

The three Q symbols result in a payout, explode and make room for 3 new symbols!

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusWith the three Q symbols replaced, the winning multiplier change to 5X - the maximum amount, where it will stay untill the player stop winning.

3 K symbols ensure a payout for now, and three new symbols on the slot machine after this.

If you have read this far, the consider that this is just with a single free spin, you continue to get new symbols as long as you win, - and you have 25 free spins!

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Free Rounds with the Lady in Red

Lady In Red - Free Spins

Lady In Red Scatter Bonus
As i mentioned earlier in this review, the Lady In Red slot machine has a very simple and classic setup that make it extremely easy to play and enjoy.

The Lady In Red free spin bonus feature is awarded when 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols appear anywhere on the slot machine reels.

Players win 15, 20 or 25 free games that are played with all prizes tripple.

Play Thunderstruck 2

Combining the musical magic of a bygone era with up-to-the-minute gaming technology from one of the Internets premier software providers, Lady In Red provides the player with a mix of gambling entertainment rich in Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers and up to 25 free spins, all on a betting range of between 0.01 and 0.20 per line.

Players will welcome the appearance of the paparazzi flashbulb photographer across the reels as the Scatter in this fast-moving game, delivering up to 25 retriggering free spins in which all wins are tripled. And the Lady in Red herself acts as the Wild, enabling players to build winning combinations in which wins are doubled
- Lucky Nugget Casino

New Lady In Red Slot MachineLady In Red payout a scatter bonus prize to players based on the number of scatter symbols that trigger the free games bonus feature, and pause the game so that players can start the free games whenever they feel like it.

A large button is added below the slot machine rells, - simply click on this button when you are ready to enjoy the free rounds with all prizes trippled!

Play Thunderstruck 2

The potential rewards in this game are significant; on a maximum bet of 50.00 wins of up to 25 000.00 are achievable in the base game, and triple that on Free Spins, making for truly exciting action.

The colourful artwork captures the ambience of a time when jazz was king, torch singers sizzled and there was an abundance of glamour and glitz.

- Jackpot City

Lady In Red Scatter Bonus
Like it is the case with most of the other microgaming online casino slot machines, a nice summary screen is shown when the bonus feature is completed.

This page will stay for up to 10 seconds and present to total number of coins won during the entire bonus feature.

Lady In Red PaylinesIf you are lucky enough to re-trigger the free spins, by landing additional spins with three or more scatters during the bonus, the feature will continue untill all free spins are used.

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The Love Potion Slots Game

New Love Potion Slot MachineLove Potion is a cute and lovely February, 2010 Microgaming slot machine release, that offer players 9 paylines to bet on and 2 bonus features to enjoy!

The Valentines themed slots game offer players that place a 45.00 max bet, a chance to win up to 12 500.00 in the base game, and a massive 62 500.00 on the generous Free Spins and 4 500.00 in the Love Struck bonus game.

Love Potion has both wild and scatter symbols!

New Love Potion Slot MachineAllthough the Love Potion slots game has a theme that i think most will agree match special seasons such as Valentines day the most, - I personally ended up falling completely in love with this low payline slots game.

The reason for this is of course, - that i seam to win alot when i spin the reels, even though i am limited to a 9 payline wager.

This screenshot for instance, show a perfect high payline combination!

Love Potion was released February 2010 and can be played at the following Popular Casinos
€1000 Free Play - Lucky Nugget
Free Spins - Gaming Club
Jackpot City
River Belle

Play Thunderstruck 2


February is the month for Romance, and Love Potion could pave the way!

Launching in time for Valentines Day at The Gaming Club Online Casino is the new 5 reel 9 pay-line video slot LOVE POTION, a game featuring romance and persuasive sorcery from the era of Giacomo Casanova, the Venetian charmer who really knew how to woo the ladies.

The superb graphics which set the theme for this new slot are redolent with cupids, pink roses, moonlit carriage rides and eighteenth century beaus and belles in all their finery.

- The Gaming Club

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Thunderstruck II Slots Game

New Thunderstruck 2 Slot MachineThunderstruck 2 has probably been the most hyped and awaited online casino slot machine game to date. The slots game offer players the most feature rich and jackpot pumped game online that can be enjoyed with the simple Ways Pays system that simply make playing more fun and less confusing.

Thunderstruck 2 has 5 types of free spin bonus games, a randomly triggered super wild feature called Wildstorm and a max payout of 2,400,000.00 coins!

What is the Ways Pays Slot Machine System ?
If you are unfamiliar with the Ways Pays slot machine system, this simply means that you will win with symbols on the slot machine without having to worry about paylines.

Slot machine prizes are paid out each time enough symbols of a kind appear from left to right, - no matter where on the slot machine reels they appear.

Thunderstruck 2 was released May 2010 and can be played at the following Popular Casinos
€1000 Free Play - Lucky Nugget
Free Spins - Gaming Club
Jackpot City
River Belle

Thunderstruck 2 PaylinesThe Thunderstruck 2 slot machine is the first slots games online to offer players a fun and easy way to keep track of all time wins with the new Paytable Achievements feature.

Paytable Achievements is a passive feature that trigger each time players win all possible with a given symbol.

No extra prizes are won, but the feature make it much easier for players to see the combinations won.

Thunderstruck 2 Free Spin BonusThere are 14 different symbol combination achievements to unlock, one for each of the 12 normal symbols and one for both the Wild substituting symbol and the Scatter bonus symbol.

In most cases, Achievements are unlocked when you get 5 of a kind with a symbol because this is the hardest combination to see.
with the K symbol, the achievement is unlocked once you have had combinations with 3, 4 and 5 K symbols.

Thunderstruck 2 PaylinesYou can keep track of your currently unlocked Achievements by visiting the slot machine paytable.
Here, all combinations you have had are shown with a golden color compared to the blue standard color that is used for combinations that havent appeared yet.

» Thunderstruck 2 was release at The Gaming Club during May 2010
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Lady In Red Slot Machine

New Lady In Red Slot MachineLady In Red is suprisingly simple and classic styled video slot machine for a May, 2010 Microgaming release.

With a 25 payline setup, and a single standard retriggerable free spin bonus feature, it would seam as if the Lady in Red slots is no more than another name on the list of slots games that wont become even the slightest bit popular.

New Lady In Red Slot MachineIf you happen to be reading this, then you have allready given the Lady In Red slot machine game, the chance it needed to prove itself as something more, - just as i did when i took it for a test drive at the casinos.

The Lady in Red slot machine has a very nice jazz club theme, and offer players a top prize of 125,000 coins during the base game. During the free spins feature, players can win even more - up to 375,000 coins, or $75,000 in cold cash numbers when placing bets with a $0.20 coin size.

Lady In Red was released May 2010 and can be played at the following Popular Casinos
€1000 Free Play - Lucky Nugget
Free Spins - Gaming Club
Jackpot City
River Belle

Play Thunderstruck 2


Gaming Club Online Casinos new video slot offers up-to-the-minute slot action in a classical thirties wrap

The heady days of classic jazz, big band swing and red hot singers from the thirties returns to Gaming Club Online Casino this week with the launch of our latest 5 reel 25 pay-line video slot LADY IN RED.

- The Gaming Club

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Casino Tournaments

Summer Slots series
The 2010 Super Slots Summer Slots Series is back again with combined prizes of $500,000 in cash to be won!

There are three separate casino slot machine tournaments over the course of the summer:

Part I
: Funky Chicken – $100,000 June 1st – June 30th
Part II: Shaaark! – $150,000 July 1st – July 31st
Part III: California Gold – $175,000 August 1st – August 31st
Part IV: Summer Slots Overall Prize - $75,000 August 31st

Part I
1st $50,000
2nd $20,000
3rd $7.500
4th-5th $2,500
6th-10th $1,000
11th-20th $500
21st-40th $100
41st-100th $50
101st-150th $25
151st-275th $10
Part II
1st $60,000
2nd $25,000
3rd $10,000
4th-5th $5,000
6th-10th $2,500
11th-20th $1,000
21st-40th $200
41st-100th $100
101st-200th $50
201st-500th $25
Part III
1st $75,000
2nd $25,000
3rd $10,000
4th-5th $5,000
6th-10th $3,000
11th-20th $1,000
21st-40th $200
41st-100th $100
101st-200th $50
201st-800th $25

Super Slots Casino - The Home of Online Slots

Summer Slots Overall Prize
The player with the highest combined balance over the three events will win anadditional $75,000 cash

Players with 5 or more re-buys into Part I receive a free entry into Part II!
Players with 5 or more re-buys into Part II receive a free entry into Part III!

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Join the Summer Slots Tournament now.