Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Slotmachine Review Pages

Slotmachine Review ChangesIf you have been reading about the upcomming slotmachines, or browsed some of the previous slotmachine reviews at Secret Slots Club... There is a good chance that you will get a completely different experience if you check them out again today.

The Secret Slots Club website has been updated with a new review page that is shown for almost all of the slotmachines.

The new slotmachine review page is brighter and offer players a much better overview of the features related to the slotmachine.

Links to everything from screenshots, free "for fun" flash games and social bookmarking services can now be found above the game review in addition to new features that I hope will make the site even more enjoyable!

If you feel like checking out the new review pages, be sure to head over to the Fearless Frederick slotmachine review.

Visit: Fearless Frederick slotmachine review

Old Slotmachine Review

New Slotmachine Review

Monday, June 29, 2009

Secret Slots Club - Site Update

New Slotmachine ListsThe SecretSlotsClub website has grown alot since its release several year ago.

The site has been updated with slotmachine review after slotmachine review in addition to sections and resources that make gambling more fun and hopefully rewarding for the site users.

The vast amount of information, the articles, guides, screenshots and tricks are now being added to a new and much more userfriendly interface that will make the SecretSlotsClub even more interesting and easy to use than it was before.

As many of you have noticed, several of the site sections have allready changed a little, but the first of several major site enhancements is underway right now.

The new and improved slotmachine reviews and lists are being uploaded over the next few days, something that could result in a few minutes of "blank pages" once in a while.

Please check out the new and improved slotmachine lists (or give the images below a look if you are in a hurry) to see what the fuss is about!

Old Slotmachine List

The old slotmachine list was designed to give experienced players a quick overview of game features and was designed with just a few games in mind.

The Slotmachine list pages have been kinda messy lately because of the huge amount of slotmachine reviews i have written over the last three years.

New Slotmachine List

The new slotmachine list is designed with more information about the actual slotmachine game and with images that should help players decide if they want to read more about a given game right away.

The old slotmachine lists will still be available for those that want to use them via links at the top of the new slotmachine listings.

Click here to view the Secret Slots Club list of slotmachine reviews

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Holiday - Reply Microgame Prerelease Info

If you have been reading about the new microgames here then i bet you are really excited about the new games that will appear in your casino lobby in a few days.
I am personally looking forward to trying the new features and making a few bucks in the process.

If you missed the three first pre-release reviews then be sure to check them out as well:

It's time to take a sneak peak at the fourth and last microgame up for release, the gigantic 100 payline slot machine with a re-play bonus feature and top prizes of 2,250,000 and 750,000....

Pedal Power SlotmachineSummer Holiday is not your regular slot machine with a few paylines, wild symbols and a bonus feature, Summer Holiday is a massively packed entertainment game with a whopping 100 paylines, stacked wild symbols and a cool bonus feature that players can opt to replay or trade for mystery prizes.

The Summer Holiday slots has a top payout of 2,250,000 coins, two and a quarter million coins that can be won with a max bet on this wild slot.

If you are new to slotmachines then the Summer Holiday giant is probably not the first game you should take on.

Pedal Power Main Screen
The Summer Holiday slot machine is designed with stacked wil symbols.

This basically means that lucky spins will land several wild symbols on top of each other (as shown on the screenshot) for greatly increased chances of winning.

The stacked wild symbol feature where entire reels can turn wild is one of the things that make the Summer Holiday slot fun to play.

Pedal Power Jackpot PayoutsWith 100 paylines and 12 different slot machine symbols getting a good idea about what you can win with the Summer Holiday slots can be a little tricky, especially when you add the stacked wilds feature.

The most important thing to keep in mind in terms of the Summer Holiday slot machine payouts is that the game is designed with the same high overall payouts as all of the other Microgaming slotmachines.

This means that any setup with the slotmachine, any amount of paylines with any coins amount and denomination will result in the same relatively high odds of winning.

With a max payout of 2,250,000 coins and another top payout of 750,000 coins during the base game one thing is sure, the Summer Holiday slot has a huge payout potential.

All of the Summer Holiday payouts can be found via the slotmachine paytable or from the Summer Holiday screenshots here at Secret Slots Club.

What others say about the Summer Holiday Slot Machine:

The northern hemisphere summer holidays are almost here, with picnics, water sports and a break from work giving us all the chance to enjoy some R&R and maybe a little online action on brand new games like The Gaming Clubs  just-launched video slot SUMMER HOLIDAY.- The Gaming Club

Keep an eye out for the Wild golden trophy and the Scatter watch – both promising race winning rewards. If luck is on your side, a Gamble feature could help you to double or quadruple your winnings. What are you waiting for, get into gear and pedal your way to the top!
- River Belle

With summertime snacks and outdoor activities like cycling, swimming and sailing all around, you won’t want the sun to ever go down. Keep an eye out for the Scatter duck and Free Spins with trebled winnings could be yours. Furthermore Wilds, Multipliers and a Pick-A-Prize Bonus feature will make this a holiday to remember.
- Jackpot City

Summer Holiday Free Spin Bonus Feature
Pedal Power Free Spin Selection

Look out for the scattered duck symbol, because 3, 4 or 5 can trigger 15, 20 or 25 re-triggerable Free Spins.

During free spins (slotmachine game rounds that are played at no cost) all wins are trebled, and if the player is unhappy at the end of the Free Spin cycle, a cool Pick-A-Prize feature offers a choice of three alternatives:

Replay the Free Spins (putting at risk any wins or re-triggers earned in the bonus feature)

Opt instead to receive a mystery multiplier prize, win anything from 10 times the total slotmachine bet right up to 100x

Cash out and stay with your winnings! 

The Pick a Prize feature is one of the key elements in this slot.

Most experienced players know how frustrating it is to trigger a bonus feature and complete it with little to no winnings at all.

In most cases, the slotmachine bonus features end the players sessions because the big bucks are won here making the casino cashier the next logical step!

With the Summer Holiday free spin feature bad bonus results are much less likely to occur because players can re-try the feature if the original winnings were too sparse.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tour De Slots - Pedal Power Slotmachine

The Inside Sneak Peak for the Microgames that are close to release continues with what appears to be the big winner in this round of new slot machines.

Fortune Finder and Sterling Silver both seam like really impressive games, but the Pedal Power SlotmachinePedal Power slots looks like it will beat them both.
This pokie is a 5 reel 15 pay-line slot with an arsenal of features and a theme that welcome players to an entertaining, action packed Tour De Force!

With three different free spin features and multipliers as high as 10X this slotmachine is a worthy salute to the great European cycle races and the cyclists who compete so fiercely.

One of the things that struck my right away with the Pedal Power slotmachine is how everything in the game is designed with that extra touch that make a huge difference.

Pedal Power Main ScreenThe artwork that sets the theme is especially worthy of mention.

The slot has been designed using high quality graphics technology to depict in vibrant color.

The key elements of cycle racing such as the cyclists themselves and the yellow jersey for which they strive so hard, trophies, stop-watches and tools are all available with a level of detail that make this slot stand out from the crowd allready at design point.

Pedal Power Jackpot PayoutsPedal Power has much more to it than a nice design, the slotmachine payout ouptions are as promising as the appearance of the slot.

With a max payout of 400,000 coins players at all levels can land a jackpot that will have a huge impact on thier everyday lives.

Pedal Power has a total of 12 slotmachine symbols divided into three categories, Special Symbols, High paying symbols and Low payout symbols.

All of the game payouts can be found via the slotmachine paytable or from the Pedal Power screenshots here at Secret Slots Club.

What others say about the Pedal Power Slot Machine:

Whether you prefer to master the climbs or conquer the straights, Pedal Power Video Slot is sure to get you out of your cycle seat in the dash for the finish line. Test your power and endurance in this 5 reel, 15 payline video slot and the yellow jersey could be yours!
- The Gaming Club

Keep an eye out for the Wild golden trophy and the Scatter watch – both promising race winning rewards. If luck is on your side, a Gamble feature could help you to double or quadruple your winnings. What are you waiting for, get into gear and pedal your way to the top!
- River Belle

In a salute to the great European cycle races and the cyclists who compete so fiercely, Jackpot City introduces PEDAL POWER this month, a 5 reel 15 pay-line game where players can take an extra gamble on choosing the number of free spins received balanced against what they feel each choice could deliver in terms of multipliers.
- Jackpot City

Free Spin Bonus Feature
Pedal Power Free Spin Selection

3, 4 or 5 watch scatters anywhere on the reels open up the Free Spins second screen, which in this game has a new gambling twist.

Players are given the choice of 25 Free Spins with a multiplier of 2x, 10 spins with a multiplier of 5x or 5 Free Spins with a multiplier of 10x....

The question is, which choice will work best for you?

I personally enjoy massive amounts of free spins but the 10X multiplier option is also really interesting. I for one need to try them all;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sterling Silver - Future MicroSlots

If you read the Inside Sneak Peak for the Fortune Finder slotmachine that will be released for the Microgaming platform next month, then i bet you are waiting to read about the remaining three slots that will be available at your favorite online casino in a few days.

The next slotmachine on the list is Fortune Finder SlotmachineSterling Silver, a 5 reel 25 payline slotmachine with an extremely easy setup and game features that make playing as entertaining and rewarding as other popular Microgaming slots.

The artwork on this microgame slot is positively dripping with valuable metal in glittering silver.

The slotmachine symbols offer the player a diversity of winning combinations and add real value to the entertainment of this great slot.

The Sterling Silver slotmachine is really fun and a good starter slot for new online casino players.

Sterling Silver Paytable
Slotmachine Paytable

One of the things that impressed me the most with Sterling Silver is that the game has as little as 9 different slotmachine symbols, - but offer a gameplay that is even more exiting than many slots with more symbols.

The fact that there are fewer symbols means that the "right ones" will appear more often, - and result in more frequent payouts.

Six of the Nine slotmachine symbols are classic Poker Hand symbols starting from #9 and moving all the way up to the top paying Ace.

The Pokermachine symbols are the most impressive ones i have seen with online slots, the silvery design is simply stunning.

Sterling Silver Slots Machine
Base Slots Game
While the Pokermachine symbols are nice, the three remaining symbols offer players the most interesting features, free spins, high payouts and up to 10X multipliers!!!

For example, theres the Sterling Silver Wild, this symbol is helping to create winning lines when it appears on the centre reel.

The Sterling Silver Wild symbol can reward players with a random multiplier ranging from 2x up to 10x, even during Free Spin games.

What others say about the Sterling Silver Slot Machine:

Get going with the generous Gamble feature and gleaming and glistening opportunities to double or even quadruple your winnings could come your way – simply guess the correct suit or color of a mystery card to reap the rewards!
- The Gaming Club

Why always go for gold when shimmering silver holds a magic of its own.
The 5 reel, 25 payline Sterling Silver Video Slot proves that this precious metal holds many a majestic offering. Capture the Sterling Silver Wild and Scatter symbols and you’ll be able to cash in on Free Spins galore.
- River Belle

All that glistens is not gold, but pure silver is a pretty good alternative, and at Jackpot City Casino this month we have plenty of it in the brand new video slot STERLING SILVER.
- Jackpot City

The fact that the game payouts can be multiplied by 10 after any spin adds alot of excitement to this slot because even low-range combinations can result in huge payouts.

Sterling Silver Free Spin Bonus
Free Spins with customizeable wild symbols

Players should also note the Sterling Silver Scatter Symbol, this slotmachine symbol is perhaps the best of all.

3 of these shiny symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 results in the free spin bonus feature where players are awarded 15 re-triggerable Free Spins.

The free spin bonus feature is played without special rules and multipliers.

The only difference between the base game and the free spin feature is that the slotmachine rounds are played with no cost to the player.

If you normally enjoy free spin bonus features with multipliers then remember that the Sterling Silver feature allready have a 2X-10X multiplier feature because of the Sterling Silver Wild that can appear during the base game and free spins.

Sterling Silver has a solid value-for-wager on a game that has a betting range between a 0.01 and 0.25, a maximum bet of 62.50 and achievable wins of up to 80 000.00 on both the base game and in Free Spins.

» Read more about the Fortune Finder slotmachine

Inside Sneak Peak - Fortune Finder Slots

Fortune Finder SlotmachineFORTUNE FINDER is one of four new games that will be released for the Microgaming platform next month, and I have been lucky enough to get some prerelease inside details about the new game that offer players customizeable wild symbols on and up to 25 free spins with doubled wins.

Fortune Finder is a 5 reel 30 pay-line slot that provide players with a unique opportunity to choose the best Wilds with which to build winning combinations during play.

The general idea is that players can select from several slotmachine symbols and pick the one they like the most, - the one that looks lucky.

Its an interesting new element to the popular Microgaming slotmachine platform that with the Fortune Finder game add the final touch in an already exciting game.

Fortune Finder Main Scren
Select your own wild symbols

The key feature in the game is a new way to build the best combinations to maximize rewards.  This is done by giving the player control of the three Wild Symbols in the game - Diamond, Ruby and Gold nugget - on reels 2, 3 and 4.

The player selects the Wild he or she thinks will result in the best prizes for the lines as the game moves forward.  The best thing is that the player can change the wild symbols during play if the selected wilds dont live up to the players expectations. 

Fortune Finder Paytable
Slotmachine Paytable

It is an entertaining innovation to microgame slots that adds a fresh dimension of suspense and excitement to the game.

The only thing players need to keep in mind is that the Wild symbol is unachangeable during Free Spins.

Fortune Finder has a wide betting range starting as low as 0.01 for a single payline bet and up to 0.25. With a maximum bet, players can wager a whopping 150.00 per spin and win up to 30 000.00 in the base game, and 60.00 000 during Free Spins.

What others say about the Fortune Finder Slot Machine:

Fortune Finder offers hours of entertainment and good reward opportunities through a heady mix of Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins with Multipliers and the ever-popular Gamble feature, where players can round off a session by predicting the color or suit of a mystery card and lose, double or quadruple their winnings.

- The Gaming Club

The mining theme is immediately apparent as the game opens up, with striking artwork depicting glittering gems and gold nuggets, sticks of dynamite, a pickaxe and gold panning dish and a comical grizzled 49er of a miner!
- River Belle

Take a trip into the past and join our merry miner as he goes on an adventure to find great fortune in the Fortune Finder Video Slot.

With a handy pickaxe, sticks of dynamite and a gold panning dish, treasure is never far away in this 5 reel, 30 payline video slot.

Get your hands on the Wild ruby, diamond or gold nugget symbol and lucrative winning opportunities could turn this into your lucky day.

Also keep an eye out for the grizzly miner symbol which acts as the Scatter as well as a richly rewarding Gamble feature!
- Jackpot City

Fortune Finder Free Spin Bonus
Free Spins with customizeable wild symbols

Fortune Finder has a really nice free spin feature setup triggered with the appearance of the grizzled miner scatter symbol.

The slotmachine bonus symbol can appear scattered across reels 3, 4 or 5.

This results in 15, 20 or 25 re-triggerable Free Spins during which all wins are doubled.

The fact that the bonus feature is re-triggerable means that players can win additional free spins during the bonus feature when three grizzled miner symbols appear.
Read more about the Fortune Finder slotmachine

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Centre Court - Wimbledon slots

Centre Court Tennis Themed Slotmachine
Centre Court
is the online slotmachine version of the Tennis epics that many know from Wimbledon that is home to one of the most prestigious championships on the plane.


The new video slot launches in time for one of the world's most prestigious tournaments

Centre Court, Wimbledon, scene of many tennis epics and home to one of the most prestigious championships on the planet, will be the scene of the 2009 tennis spectacular in June this year, so what better time to launch our newest 5 reel, 9 pay-line video slot, CENTRE COURT.
- The Gaming Club

One look at the cutting edge graphics featuring tennis stars, trophies and the unmistakable Wimbledon green and purple tells the player that the theme on this smooth, fast slot is championship tennis.
- River Belle

This is a great game to celebrate the delights of long, balmy summer evenings and the best players in the world slugging it out....on Centre Court, at Jackpot City Casino!
- Jackpot City

The Centre Court video slotmachine has 9 paylines that players can wager on, with a chance to win the base game jackpot of 11,250.00.

Like most other popular slotmachines, Centre Court has a wild symbol helping the player to generate winning combinations.

The golden champions trophy acts as the Wild in this entertaining game, with a stacked feature during the Free Spins bonus game.

Stacked Wilds Feature:
Wild Centre Court TrophyWhen a symbol is stacked it can appear more than once on a slotmachine reel. This means that winning is much easier because one or more reels can become entirely wild!

Centre Court players that play the bonus game can win up to 112,500.00 with free spins that are won with help from the Tennis Ball scatter symbol.

The tennis ball Scatter Symbol:
Wild Centre Court TrophyGet 3, 4 or 5 of these lucky yellow balls and enjoy 18 Free Spins and a mystery multiplier that can go as high as 5x winnings.

The Tennis Ball symbol can also appear during the free spins game and add another 18 free games to the bonus feature each time 3, 4 or 5 appear!

Centre Court can be played from as little as €0.01 per spin and up to €22.50 with a customizeable coin denomination that can scale from €0.01 to €0.25.

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