Friday, January 22, 2010

Fumis Fortune

Fumis Fortune is the most comical and crazy slot machine game i have tried to date. To be honest the slot had me giggling for almost two hours straight the first time i played it and this wasnt just because of the prizes i won.

Fumis Fortune Slot machineFumis Fortune is a slot machine game like no other.

The slot machine has crazy 3d cartoon characters that animate and dance across the screen, in a game where everything from colors to sounds are matched perfectly.

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Fumis Fortune Feature highlights:
  • Randomly awarded free spin bonus
  • Extra wild symbols during free spins
  • Free Spins can retrigger randomly
  • Very frequent wins
While you are installing the Fumis Fortune slot machine or waiting for that validation email then be sure to read more about the Fumis Fortune slots game below or send this page to a friend.

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How to find Fumis Fortune at the casino
25 payline slot machine gamesIf you are completely new to online casinos or just not familiar with the InterCasino software that is required to play Fumis Fortune online then simply download the software, install it and login with the details you provided during the program installation.

Once you are in the casino lobby, select the "Slot Machines" menu to the right, then click on "25 lines" to find the Fumis Fortune and many other related slot machine games.

When you start the Fumis Fortune slot machine, a new casino window will open where the game can be played. A very cool Fumis Fortune video introduction is shown before the slot machine game is revealed. The introduction can be skipped but i really recommend that first timers check it out before playing!

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