Friday, January 22, 2010

Wonder Woman Wilds

Wonder Woman Slot Machine - DC Comics Slots
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is one of few female super heroes to join the online gambling leagu at the popular online casino: InterCasino.
The Wonder Woman slot machine is one of two 50 payline DC Comics slot machine games with optional features that are available at the worlds oldes online casinos - InterCasino.

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Wonder Woman
The Free Spin bonus feature that can be played with the 50 payline Wonder Woman slot machine is a unique free spin bonus feature that is played with randomly awarded held wild symbols.

The free spin bonus feature is won each time three or more wild symbols appear anywhere on the slots game .

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Wonder Woman Paytable During the Wonder Woman free spin bonus game, Wonder Woman herself will appear in the lower left part of the slot machine at random times.

From here she will swing her whip and concert a random amount of symbol positions on the slot machine into wild symbols.

Each wild symbol is shown with a number that seam to range from 1 to 4 that indicate the amount of spins the wild symbol will be held.

Perfect Wonder Woman Autoplay Each time the slot machine spins during the free spin bonus game, the numbers shown with the held wild symbols decrease by 1.

The held wild symbols can have different numbers just as new wild symbols can be added while existing ones are held.
The most common wild feature seam to add 1-2 wild symbols that last for 2 rounds each time Wonder Woman appear.

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Wonder Woman One of the things i am sure that most new players will note the first time they play the Wonder Woman slots game, is the way the different slot machine symbols are animated and how the effects match the animated Wonder Woman super hero character.

One of my favorite Wonder Woman slot machine features, is how the symbols are animated in a shower of sparks when Wonder Woman convert regular symbols into wilds during the bonus game.

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